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Ex dubium scientia. From doubt [comes] knowledge.

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Starboard-lit, metallic, Star Citizen Logo comprising a single cruciform star encapsulated by a wreath and set betewen the words STAR and CITIZEN

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About Tomasius and Tomasius Space


My name is not Tomasius. Tomasius is the name of my house and is the Latinised variant of Thomas who, in the role of one of Jesus' disciples, demonstrated what might have been a remarkable connection with reality. Perhaps it was just a little hysteria or, perhaps, it was a case of believing the contrary. However, the disciple, Thomas, became known as the Doubter; as one who doubts rather than believes any particular case (whether for or against) and this, dear reader, is how you separate the grain from the chaff and discover the occasional nugget of gold in the harvest. That said, the historical relationship between the name of my house and the disciple, beyond happy coincidence, is entirely unknown.

In Star Citizen, Tomasius Space is a research outfit focussing on exploration, charting and surveying in the lesser known regions of space. We, also, take other jobs, on the rare occasions when a client can meet our prices. Scouting, investigation, military surveillance and other odd jobs, do attract a premium rate but, not only do we get results, we take responsibility for the quality of our work.

At any given time, Tomasius Space generally runs a single ship; most often with a crew of between one and ten depending on the operational parameters. We are affiliated with others and often operate in collaboration with a larger fleet comprising independent operators.

Tomasius Space can be traced back to a freight outfit operating in the latter half of the 27th Century but is, otherwise, seemingly sporadic in operation having fallen off the grid for 265 years. What generally isn't known is that the earliest origins of this outfit go back to House Tomasius; a significant artisan's guild for woodsmen and scouts. The skills gained in pursuit of the art found their most prominent expression in the service of the PFEU; an organisation which hosted free hunts on Calypso, Arkadia and Rocktropia in Entropia Universe. How on earth did I wind up in a place like that? Well, it wasn't on earth and, suffice to say, one faulty Einstein-Rosen bridge can ruin your whole day - just ask any Oretani settler!

compass atop a bowl of roasted coffee beans set inside gold laurels
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